Importance of Logo Design!

Importance of Logos

How often do you entertain a salesman who is not dressed professionally?
What if he’s wearing a suit with sports shoes?
Your first reaction would be ‘I don’t want to do business with this chump’.

That’s exactly how an unprofessionally designed logo dampens your marketing efforts. That’s because your logo is the face of your company. Now a chump might say that I’m good at my work- take it or leave it’ but can you, as a brand manager, afford that?

Logo as a brand element
Now think of your favorite cosmetic brand. What comes to your mind- name, logo, packaging, color, slogan or a character? It could be one of these elements or may be a combination of two or more. These are all brand elements.

A variety of brand elements enhances brand awareness and even facilitates favorable (or unfavorable) brand associations. So when your customer looks at or remembers just one of these elements in isolation, you have a good reason to ensure that it looks good and professional.

Logo Design
Logo design must be unique and should convey some thought or meaning to the customers and potential customers. That implicitly implies that the design elements must resonate well with the target audience. An old fashioned logo might get rejected by youth, or a sophisticated identity can fail to click with the rural buyer. Let me explain this point with a simple example. OH! Design Studio was tasked to redesign the logo of one of the leading healthcare pharmaceutical groups –Elder Healthcare. Elder wanted to connect with the increasingly growing young audience of the country.

The good old Elder Pharmaceutical logo looked like this:

Elder Logo

At OH! Design Studio, we analyzed and came up with a youthful and vibrant face of Elder. The bright pastel shades of yellow brought out the progressive and changing nature of the organization. The use of negative space lent a modern, trendy character to it and the smooth, flamboyant strokes further enhanced it. We struck a delicate balance between young face of Elder and the maturity and serious nature of the industry it was in.

Making of Elder Healthcare new logo

Color Pallet Of Elder Logo

Color Pallet of Elder logo

The Closing note: Logo vs. brand identity

Is logo not same as the brand identity? The answer is NO. Logo design forms the core visual part of the brand identity, other aspects being the surrounding text, typeface, colors, aesthetics, brand tone and much more. Brand identity is created by the synergy of all these elements.