About Us

Are you a business owner, a brand manager or a marketer?

You may be an entrepreneur starting a new venture. A business owner who is determined to take existing business to a new level. A brand marketer who wants marketing communication to project the right brand image.

We are the creative team at OH! Design Studio, and through this unofficial branding blog, our goal is to help you apply basic principles of branding in marketing and communication design for successful business branding.

About OH! Design Studio

OH! Design Studio is a niche branding, communication and integrated designing agency based in Mumbai, India. From brand strategy to brand activation on online and offline channels, OH! Design Studio provides 360 degree creative services for launching new brands, rebranding and online brand activation and marketing.

Creative services of OH! Design Studio includes:
Integrated Communication Design 
Digital Marketing

What we do?
Brand Strategy and Brand Design
Packaging Design
Marketing Communication
Corporate Communication
Digital Marketing

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