Branding Mistakes Businesses Make And Its Implications

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There are some common mistakes that big and small businesses make when they set their branding goals and invest their time and money to build a recognizable brand. 

Branding efforts stop at logo design

When using your favorite cab service, do you think about their company logo design or the vision that it represents? Logo is definitely a very important part of your brand’s identity because it goes on all your communication and products and also because it does reflect the company’s values or vision (if you go deeper), but that’s not where the branding stops.

Every touch point of your brand with its stakeholders presents the opportunity of creating an experience. That experience is the brand.

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Point is many companies stop at logo design when working towards building their brand. They must continue their efforts and take their brand experience to other collateral and touch points. 

Inconsistencies in brand design

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  • Brand Design brings the brand to life and hence graphic designing is an important element of branding
Brand design is a part of every visual communication that a company creates for their target market- be it their corporate website, product brochure, office environmental graphics, product packaging, outdoor advertisements, etc.

When companies don’t care about consistency in visual branding for all touch points, it gives mixed messages to their current and potential customers when in fact it should feel like it derives from one place. 
  • At brand design firm OH! Design Studio, while working on communication design projects we follow brand guidelines which give businesses a way to keep a brand consistent and recognizable.But companies neither invest their resources in creating one, nor find it easy to comply by it.

Not knowing enough about the target audience

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Companies get vague when they are asked to describe their target market. 

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If you don’t know much about your target audience, it means you are trying to communicate with a very wide audience with different tastes, preferences and pain points. Your marketing messages and value proposition would most probably get vague too.

Trying to be everything to everyone impacts your communication too because the client brief to your creative agency would be devoid of useful information about your consumer group.

Not considering online channels for branding.

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Many businesses still consider branding for offline space only. Online marketing strikes a chord in their mind, but online branding sounds disconnected. 

This is in a way an extension of first two points.

Online channels are as important as any other brand touch points for your business. Be it website, social media channels or paid ads, maintain high standards for all brand elements.

No emphasis on internal branding

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Effective corporate communication strategy is important for many functional reasons, but one of them is internal branding. When companies fail treat their own people as an important stakeholder, they are in a way making them unaccountable for delivering on the organization’s brand promise.

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