3 Things to Tell Your Package Designer for Successful Product Branding

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It is very difficult to separate consumer’s perception of the brand from its product packaging.

That makes product packaging design an integral part of overall branding efforts.

Packaging designers have an understanding of creative and visual challenges, but they need strategic inputs from brand managers to be able to create a design that sells the product.

Target Market and Positioning

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  • Every company wants to sell their products to largest number of consumers, but your constraint that marketing budgets are not infinite. So better to determine which consumer base would be most receptive to your product and let your branding agency devise packaging design to attract that target consumer group most effectively.
  • Brand Positioning gives a compelling picture of how the marketer wants the target market to view the brand. Since packaging design has a huge impact on the brand image, hence positioning statement must be provided to the packaging design team as a reference.
As mentioned before, brand image perceived by consumers is highly influenced by packaging design. Every designing decision that is made should be judged by how well it supports the positioning statement.
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Product Category

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Packaging design by OH! Design Studio for OTC pharmaceutical product in pain relief category
  • Tell your packaging design agency exactly what category does your product belong to and who the competitors are. 
Purchase decisions are mostly made at the point of sale. The packaging has to stand out from its competition and communicate effectively with the buyer.

Successful packaging design is not necessarily the most good looking one. It should be able to stand out from the clutter. A beautiful design doesn’t always guarantee that, but a research of your competitors’ packaging does help.
  • Also, knowing product category gives an idea about the decision shoppers make for example do they go for brands in that category or color or whether they are driven by some condition. 

Packaging Design Architecture

  • You don’t want products of your brand competing with each other when looking at shelf space. With a large brand portfolio, brand architecture should be coherent across the range to create connectivity across segments and categories. There are many ways to get it right like standard use of your brand’s logotype, or creating guidelines on how the brand logo and sub-brand logo would appear.

  • For new brands with no history in marketplace, packaging and branding guidelines can be prepared before establishing a new product’s image in the eyes of consumer. For exiting brands, visual elects are already a part of it’s brand equity and hence any change in brand design must be handled with care.

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