The One Mistake to Avoid When Searching for Web Design Agency

If you’re planning to revamp your website, then hunting for the right website design agency would be your next step. But what are your evaluation criteria? Is it the visual design skills or the coding capabilities of the web design firm? Common mistake many site owners make is they usually don’t care about the design approach of the web design firms they are evaluating. 

Why UI Designer’s Approach Matters?

If a web designer starts his pitch with web design template options


If you have an urge to call for home page sample design to evaluate the skills of the UI designer, then stop there!

Clearly in both instances, focus is only on the look and feel. What about the site navigation & deciding what information goes where? A good looking website doesn’t necessarily does a good job of converting site visitors into leads. A beautiful design doesn’t ensure your marketing messages resonate subconsciously with the audience telling people how they’re supposed to interact with the brand.

At OH! Design Studio, we strongly believe that UI design does not start with graphic design, but with content strategy. After all, content is the main reason why people visit your website. Content-First design is a much better UI design approach than starting with web page layouts in Photoshop. 

What is Content-First UI Design?

In a nutshell, when UI design starts with content requirement for the website and design comes at the end that is content-first design-last approach.

In this approach, website content is identified on the basis of marketing goals, lead generation and SEO goals and the information requirement of the website’s target audience. That forms the basis of website navigation and the way information is structured on the site. Look and feel design comes at the end.

Website design is an important part of development and is not limited to page template designs. Any UI designer can design a website. But hiring a good UI designer who takes a logical approach towards designing can make all the difference to your online marketing communication. 

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