What is a Brand?

define brand

What is your idea about building a brand?

A nice logo, an interesting name and maybe an appealing look and feel- do you think it ends there?

Brand identity is just a part of brand, but it is not everything.

brand identity

Then what is a brand?

People come in contact with a brand in different ways. A prospective client making a new business inquiry interacting with your people is forming a perception about your brand. Your existing customer using your product or service forms some impression about your brand.

  • Brand is Perception Just Like Social Perceptions.

Come to think of it- don’t you form impressions about other people based on what they wear , how they talk, their body language, personality, tone of voice, how they think, etc.

In the same way, every brand has a personality and a tone of voice. A brand can choose how to communicate with their target audience and existing customers, what goals it wants to set, what strategy it wants to follow.

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For example, if your website design is unappealing, looks drab or is filled with dull copy or jargon that your target audience won’t understand easily, it just gives an impression that you don’t care for your site visitors enough to give them information properly or you don't care for their experience.

Take packaging as another example. A good packaging design can create a truly unique brand personality . But this packaging has to really speak to your consumer. If you don't know enough about your consumers, then that loose connect is your brand.

OH! Design Studio recently helped reinvigorate a dairy brand by giving its packaging more personality and identity, something that this client intended to leverage for its branding benefits as a part of packaging redesign exercise.

  • Brand is Caring at every level.

A five star hotel’s marketing team which always complies with brand guidelines for all forms of communication does a wonderful job in presenting the hotel brand in a consistent way. But if that hotel’s F&B staff fails to acknowledge their customers who’ve been visiting that property for last 20 years then that’s your brand which doesn’t care much about customers.

  • Brand is Reputation

Reputation is important not just for big brands but also for small businesses and for individual service providers.Good reputation wins customer loyalty and leads to them recommending you to others.

  • Brand Identity and Design is also an important part of your brand.

You can personify your brand by giving it an identity as well as look and feel. Make an effort to take that brand and communication design consistently across all communication channels- be it website, social media channels, blogs, brochures, packaging, and other marketing collateral which you create for promoting your business.

brand perception

If you have a business, you have a brand.

Big or small, big corporate house or a one man army- it does not matter. Brand is everything that you, your people and your business does and the way you do it. The question is what type of brand you want to create or let’s say what kind of brand perception you want to build.

Getting Started

Brand perception is influenced by the overall experience customers have with a brand. Start by defining your brand and work on the brand strategy identifying how, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages.

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